Tuesday, January 3, 2012 | By: Gerrylocs

Traditional Dress

We recently attended a traditional wedding and of course you can can guess the dress code..:)
I'm wearing "umbhaco" (traditional dress for the Xhosa tribe), the one I'm wearing is for married women, but I'm not wearing the head gear that goes with it..
Next to me is her Royal Hotness, also sisterlocked and I do her re-ti's...she's wearing a pimped up version of "ijeremane"..also a traditional day-to-day wear for married women (I love her headgear!!)..
Next to her is the Bride of the Year..(she got married last spring and I blogged about her wedding..), she does not have locks yet but we live in hope :-)..oh yes, she 'colour-blocked' her somewhat traditional look and looked super fine.....
Next to her is ButtaPhly, I also blogged about her sometime..she started her locks with a twist and I maintain it with a nappylocks tool, her hair has grown sooooooo much and you can see how gorgeous her locks are..
Next to her is her aunt..Mrs Gee, I'm sure she'd kill me if she knew I posted her picture on the Internet, but I just couldn't resist, she's rocking the Zulu traditional outfit like a queen...oh and she has gorgeous dreadlocks...

There's nothing like African Queens in African wear rocking their own hair with the beautiful and colourful African beads...if you agree say "amen"..

A blessed new year to you all...

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