Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | By: Gerrylocs

Zulu (Masai) Hair Clips

I love these hair clips...they remind me of the traditional Zulu spear & shield, but I got them in Kenya in a Masai Market, so I can't exactly calll them Zulu Clips :-)

Anyways, I have found wonderful ways to hold my hair up for gym/casual styles using these clips...shown in these pics is my fav by far
tie the hair in a single braid as far back as possible..
braid halfway and flip the braid over torwards the top of your head
take 2 parts of the open braid, place the clip on top and fasten..
let the remaining 3rd part of the open braid hang loose in whatever direction...or tuck in, whatever..

There...you're good to go...

Ps: I tried to take pics as I went along but that proved to be mission impossible...hope you can sort of figure out instructions from the pics...I love the way Dewdrop makes all her how-to instructions idiot-proof, but I'm just not that gifted :-)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 | By: Gerrylocs

Spring Garden Wedding

Its been a while... a lot has happened! I had a birthday in August, and joined weight watchers, and went vegan...then almost raw...then I was preparing for a friend's Spring wedding...so yeah, a lot of time was spent googling recipes and testimonials to motivate myself..

I am back...here's a pic I took at the garden wedding (yes I wore a HUGE hat and loved it) :-)

The pleasures of having microlocks...I am not sure if I could have pulled this look with my previous dreadlocks

You'll hear from me soon... I promise..I'm busy googling ways to keep hair strong with drastic diet changes.. I want to health_reform but not at the expense of my hair... so I would like this transition to be as painfree as possible for my locks...if you have tips please share

So long...
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