Wednesday, February 8, 2012 | By: Gerrylocs

Now friends with the WIND!!!

A windy day at the Camps Bay beach.. I love locks. I remember afro hair days and relaxer days when a step out in the vicious Cape Town wind would be THE END of a hairstyle :-)
On another note, my skin has cleared... no more rosacea for now.. very happy indeed. Skin problems are challenging, you get sensitive when a person stares at you..not to mention the ever ending advices even from complete strangers.. oh have you tried this or that?
I know most people mean well...
I'm seriously considering a colour change.. maybe a more solid black-ish colour..but I promised I would keep this for at least 3 years.. well.. in 5 months time it will be 2 years... not sure I can wait..

We'll see :-)

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