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Aloe Ferox - The Master Plant

Most people are familiar with aloe vera and it's medicinal properties, but few people know about aloe ferox and it's elevated and diverse uses. Aloe ferox is the most potent of all 360 varieties of the aloe family. When compared to aloe vera, the aloe ferox tree is 22 times more potent. The aloe ferox plant is indigenous to one province in South Africa, and nowhere else on earth! Unlike most aloe vera products, aloe ferox never has to be filtered and thus retain all the natural present active ingredients. Aloe ferox is neither irrigated nor treated with pesticides or insecticides. This plant is so strong that it survival is sustained through the strength of its own immune system.

Because the aloe ferox plant has a greater concentration of biologically active compounds, its healing properties are much more powerful than those of the aloe vera plant. Aloe ferox products and their uses include:
  • Aloe bitter crystals - The main ingredient in aloe bitter crystals is aloin, which is a strong laxative that aids detoxification and helps improve digestion.
  • Aloe bitter powder - One of the most popular African remedies, aloe bitter powder can be used to relieve hay fever and sinus problems. You can also rub it into the coats of animals to combat external parasites.
  • Aloe drinks - The juice of the aloe ferox is rich with soluble dietary fiber, while the aloe gel contained in aloe drinks helps sooth mucus membranes and can relieve symptoms of heartburn and stomach discomfort. Aloe drinks are also terrific energy boosters, as they contain high levels of metabolic minerals. Tea formulations can also enhance health and healing.
  • Aloe gel - An extract of the aloe ferox leaf, aloe gel can help boost your skin's natural moisture levels - but its benefits don't stop there. Aloe gel also helps to reduce inflammation and increase cell growth, and has an antibacterial effect. Aloe gel is also an effective anti-aging product, since it increases soluble collagen compounds and increases cell regeneration. So, whether you need to treat a sunburn, an insect bite, eczema, or any of a variety of skin ailments, it's always good to have a supply of aloe gel handy.
  • Skin Care - Aloe ferox can be a powerful tool in your skin care regimen. From cleansing foams and make-up removers to skin toners and sunscreens, aloe can help ensure that your skin will stay supple and healthy.
  • Hair Care - There are aloe ferox based hair products from shampoo to hair repair that supposedly do wonders for hair, especially for people who have thinning hair or post cancer patients. I haven't tried any hair products from the aloe family myself, but I will, soon.
  • The list goes on...and on...and on...including prostate cancer and the likes, I'm just blogging about the uses of this plant that affect me.
I personally suffer from rosacea and a super lazy digestive system (which is improving with my recent vegan diet) and a long list of allergies, and I am on week 3 of using the gel and making the tea... my skin has improved tenfold, I feel so alert and alive...and yes, my cholesterol is finally at 4 (from 5.9 or something), which is a huge improvement for me.

Don't take my word for it though, do your own research and you will find that God has a fully equipped superior pharmacy right there, in the fields.

Natural hair, natural remedies, natural me.

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Triple Bun

This is my first attempt of a triple bun inspired by Dewdrop's attempt of Fuesha's double bun :-) I'm sure my second attempt will even be better.

I tried to follow Fuesha's tutorial but I struggled, so I improvised. I found it easier for me to start with the innermost bun and work my way outwards rather than the instructions as per the tutorial, which is outward bun first then inner bun.

Depending on the length of your hair, I suppose even four layers are possible; but for me, the triple bun works best.

I'm not good with step-by-step instructions, but here's what I did :-
  • Start with the centre smaller bun, tie hair with whatever works for you and twist the hair anticlockwise as you would with a regular bun.
  • Add another layer and tie it at the base of centre bun and repeat process (careful as inner bun tends to protrude upwards).
  • Tie the remaining hair (or another layer if you are making more layers) into the base of the middle bun and repeat again.
  • I added a few beaded pins and a string of pearls around the outer bun just for a bit of colour and fun!
  • The pictures below are not the greatest but I hope they make my instructions clearer.

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