Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | By: Gerrylocs


I have been lazy again..I have about 6 weeks of growth and I have been retightening about 30 locks per day, not fast enough for my liking. Some month I just have the oomph and zeal to this hair in one day, other times..well...NOT

I went to Franschhoek, a small town off Cape Town with beautiful wine farms, vegetation and good food. It's one of the most attractive wedding destinations in Africa and people there thought I was American with those "other" locks :-)

I am glad people are becoming more aware of locks in general, even if they don't know the specific types...this country has come a long way in recognising and embracing locks.

I'm abusing the freestyle, for once I'm almost finishing a month without curling my hair. I just wake up and go..if only I could learn to be consistent with re-ti's..I'd be a happy woman indeed.
Sunday, July 3, 2011 | By: Gerrylocs


Time flies when you're having loc-fun :-) The 29th of June is my locversary and a few days ago I celebrated one year with my beloved locs...

here's a very brief reflection with pictures...

  • Locs have grown fuller (much fuller)
  • longer too :-)
  • the colour has 'settled in' to a more golden blondish colour
  • the texture is now soft & feels natural
  • I have a year's worth of love for my locs
  • The ends (oh those ends!!!) have locked
  • the locs are more fluffy  and the cylindrical pattern has diminished & therefore look truly natural
The journey has been worthwhile and I'm so glad I went this route...I love my locs...
PS: I'm tempted to colour (go really dark) my locs - I'm not sure I will keep my promise of at least 2 years with the multi-tones...but that's an entry for another day..

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