Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | By: Gerrylocs

Microlocks Updo - no pins required :-)

This is a quick and easy updo, you don't need anything to do it.  Start by a bantu knot in the middle, wrap and tuck the rest of the hair around the knot in any pattern... I like crisscross...but you can sweep the hair to one side in a cone look...or whatever really. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it always comes out different each time you do it...you can do countless variations. Sometimes I twist the front in a cornrow look... I'm sure you get the idea... I added my blue clip...just because :D)...

Ps: my back has terrible buildup at the back, the white patches are after an ACV rinse (undiluted)??? I'm not sure what else to do except wear my hair down...as I don't use any heavy products..

Happy Styling...hope this inspires someone to create a lovely updo...

Monday, March 19, 2012 | By: Gerrylocs

My New Fav Clips :)

I tend to overdo things.. I bought these clips (there's more colours) in a China City near my place.. and I always find an excuse to wear one. They are great for those careless hair-off-the-face days..the quick hairbuns...and of course the formal look.
I dress them up & down...ok, I just love these clips.
Please bear with me, until I get over my craze you'll see a LOT of these clips :)
Anyway, here's 2 pics of my casual styles with the clips...

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