Gerrylocks are custom hair-pieces designed primarily as a solution for cancer patients and those with alopecia, and also as an alternative (temporal or permanent) method for those transitioning into permanent locks or just natural hair.

Gerrylocks extensions and cranial prosthetic hair pieces are custom-made to match each client’s hair color/texture and locking method. Clients include those who have developed alopecia and need a natural looking prosthetic that looks just like their own natural sisterlocks or locks in general, to give them fullness & styling options. Others just want loc extensions that could grow out and be converted into their locks of choice (micro, hand-knitted or palm rolled) as they evolve over time for an instant mature long look (I fall in this category). Others do a combination of a prosthetic hair piece and extensions according to their specific needs and conditions. Photos of clients with Gerrylocks from the official website include

For more details, please contact the gifted founder, Gerry Mayo directly at 610352-3625 (USA). You can also email her at or  For more detailed info, please visit the Gerrylocks website 


Anonymous said...

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I thank God that I found you.

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to get in contact with anyone regarding the gerrylocs?

CVILLA said...

3 questions pls:

1. Do you know of any suppliers or salons in the Maryland area who could install the gerry loc?

2. Is it human hair? From where?

3. Does it already come in different colors or do you have to dye it?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is human hair the colors are amazing no you can not dye it but it is a great investment if you are looking to loc your hair...

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