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Bendable Curlers

I have been on a shopping spree for rollers. I tried perm rollers first, I'm sure the quality I bought was not meant for locks as the elastic bands popped on the very first use. I'd love some durable big perm rollers as they are quite user friendly for me so THAT hunt will continue!Then I found those bendable curlers and I decided to try them out. I forgot to use the styling mousse but the result was OK even without it. I was quite happy with the spirals although I didn't quite like the pipe-like effect so I separated mine almost immediately. I am now on day 5 and I still have loose beautiful curls. I like, I like :)
I also bumped into those electric 10-minute rollers, which I think are the same thing Blaqkofi blogged about with quite good results, so I added them to my collection of curlers.  I tried them briefly but they burned my fingers and I couldn't quite get the hang of fastening them in so the result was not too good. This was all before I used the bendable curlers (my new best friends) but I haven't given up, I'll try again till I get the hang of it.
PS: Given my dandruff issues I simply had to wash my hair before I curled it. I tried rinsing with apple cider vinegar and conditioning my hair with mayo & egg ( tips from Dewdrop:) bless her soul).  The egg & mayo mix worked wonders and my hair is unbelievably soft (the egg stinks though, for a couple of hours at least ) and sadly the vinegar rinse didn't quite solve my lint issues, I still have some whiteness at the base of most of my locks (thankfully not as bad as before).
Gerry Mayo who installed my locks (lovely person she is!!!) e-mailed with some tips to try dry bath on the scalp with sea breeze astringent or any skin cleaning astringent this is good for everyday cleaning of the scalp (Apparently one can add 100% pure Tea Tree oil just a little to help with the flakes). I'm going to try all this once my lovely curls loosen up or my nappy locks tool arrives. I suspect I REALLY can't get away with any more washes before I get the tool.

So long people :)
Special thanks to Dewdrop & Gerry Mayo


Nubian1 said...

OMG! I love your very micro locks!! They are great, am a stalker.....sorry follower now! ; o

Ciiku said...

Me likey!!! Me likey very much!!! me wantey :):). Your hair looks fab.
How about using some sulphur oil on the scalp? helps with the dandruff *wink*

rmcandlelight said...

I am a new follower :)

Oh my goodness! Your locks are amazingly beautiful and I just love the color of your ends. Your blog rocks hun! Will keep visiting your blog :D will be adding your blog to my blog roll.


Thandi said...

Eliora also has the same issues with the white stuff in her locs!Eish!These look nice hey.You can't tell ukuthi zifakelwe. How long do you plan on keeping the extensions in?

Gerrylocs said...

@Nubian...thank you for stalking :)'s MY pleasure, I have learned so much from your blog.
@Ciiku, let's make a plan..I'll be in Nairobi pretty soon (wink), in the meantime..please keep your hair natural (in plaits, if u don't dig the afro look)...we'll take it from there
@rmcandlelight...welcome & thank you:) Ur blog(s)..amazing follows:)
@Thandi..Eliora's locks are absolutely beautiful, just saw your latest blog entry, do let me know when you find something that works with the white stuff... the plan is cut off the extentions twice a year until I have the same length with just my hair..the extention is almost identical to my own hair in both texture & colour, so I can keep it for years.

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