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Different Curling Methods - Personal Review

Bendable Curlers - I really liked these curls!!!
Advantages - gorgeous curls, spiral but bigger curls, great for an evening do, bouncy and easy to do front bangs...
Disadvantages - the curlers are really bulky, feels like you've tied a blanket around your head, hair doesn't dry easy as a result, which means curls don't last ..3 days max!

Braidout - my staple :-)
Advantages - love the wavy look, hair becomes nicer as the curls relax, easy get up and go, easy to make, don't need any gadgets - just have to know how to braid, can combine braids with Bantu knots and other curlers or tie hair in a bun..
Disadvantages - hair can become a bit unruly, especially with the Cape Town wind, hair can break off if made too tight..

Pipecleaner curls - these were just too wonderful, same look as bendable curlers but lasted longer (like 2 weeks!!!)
Advantages - easy to do, easy to pull out, curls last forever and become nicer each day, hair appears fuller, can layer the curls (if you're patient)
Disadvantages - can't think of any, sorry!! Oh, difficult to find the pipecleaners in South Africa :-)

  • Steam Rollers (there's some fancy one's Americans usually blog about)
  • Perm Rollers (for the curly ends look)
  • Bantu Knots ( without braids, I usually do individual braids first - I must try the other method!)

I'm not so keen to try the hot electric curlers - I really don't miss the smell of burning hair.


Kreyola said...

Great post! Never heard about Bendable Curlers or Steam Rollers. May have to look into those.

Gerrylocs said...

Thanks Kreyola, check them out

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